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minakoiknow asked: i feel a need to tell you that in my farming game, i have a chicken I have named Haruka (this was before world chicken, in fact, the universe loves me), but she is a stubborn chicken, as all Haruka's are, and she will not give me the time of day, but i need to pet her so she is more profitable, and i am regularly shouting at her to love me, but it is not helping, how do you seduce a chicken




I cannot believe this has been sitting here for seven months when it should have spent those seven months out there improving the world by existing in it.

Haruka the chicken.

Haruka the stubborn, petulant chicken.

Haruka the chicken who, when petted, becomes more profitable.

how do you seduce a chicken

OMG i thought this ask got eaten it was so long ago

you’re supposed to pick up the chicken to pet it but Haruka ran away from me constantly. i would spend a full game hour trying to catch her.

Haruka has since died by the way. THAT IS HOW LONG THIS ASK TOOK JET

you might also want to know that I have the following:

two alpacas named Usagi and Minako because they dance around and sing when they’re happy

a cat named Rei for obvious reasons

an owl named Mamoru because his entire purpose is a mode of transportation and he likes to sit on high things

a big cuddly sheep dog named Mako with a green bow

a dairy cow named Ami

a jersey cow that produces golden milk named Michiru. i was at first going to also make michiru a chicken, but gold milk from jersey cows are expensive and profitable, so michiru

i also have two other chickens named Motoki and Shingo

basically naming chickens is a lot of fun


I am undeservedly proud of the remarkable level of attention this post has seen today.

OMG, is this Tale of Two Towns? It’s Tale of Two Towns, isn’t it! The alpacas and owl give it away. MAN, I haven’t played Harvest Moon in forever.

Also, poor Haruka the chicken.

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1690s book with filigree silver binding - National Library of Sweden

This binding is an exquisite example of Danish filigree technique
from the 1690s.It belongs to the National Library’s Huseby
Collection and was once owned by Karren Mogensdotter Skoug.
Her name and the year 1692 are engraved on the inside of the clasps. -(x)

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I swear I'll get through more than a few pages this time!

After Honor asks for people "intimately familiar with the best way to hide contraband"
Major Isvarian:
Excuse me, Captain, but did I just hear you ask the bosun to find you fifteen SMUGGLERS to man our customs flights?
Honor Harrington:
Of course not, Major. This is a Queen's ship. What would we be doing with smugglers on board?

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